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Safety Rules

Welcome NinjAdventure Safety Rules

Please Note: Majestkids Playland and NinjAdventure areas are subject to play requirements, availability and capacity. In particular our Adventure Course, Jumping Pillow, and Foam Pit which are very popular. On busy days we mayreach total capacity, and we cannot guarantee all guests will be able to enjoy every activity during their visit.

Play Requirements: Majestkids Playland and NinjAdventure is equipped with a jumping pillow, play structures, ninja warrior courses, foam pits and more! To join in the fun guest need to be aware of the follow rules and guidelines.

  • Majestkids Playland and NinjAdventure recommends parents to pay very close attention to the kids and the activities they are doing at NinjAdventure, the risk of an accident is very possible if kids are not supervised AT ALL TIMES.
  • It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to fully understand the risk of the playground and to not let the minors be unsupervised.
  • NinjAdventure Employees are there to guide kids and keep facility in order, it is the parents and guardians responsibility to guide the kids to the right activities for their personal physical skills.
  • Majestkids Playland and NinjAdventure recommends:
    • Wearing comfortable and athletic wear, long pants, leggings or knee-length shorts.
    • Long hair must be pulled back and secured.
    • No loose or dangling jewelry.
  • Socks are required for kids and adults in all areas. Guest can buy socks at the front desk.
  • Majestkids Playland side equipment is Designed for kids 45” and under ONLY, any children above 45” must remained sited or playing in the NinjAdventure Zone Area.
  • Guest Over 275 pounds will not be able to participate.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed, besides water and baby formula.
  • NinjAdventure is designed for kids 45” and older, if you consider that your child that is 45” and under capable of playing in this area please be aware that the equipment is designed for older kids and you understand and assume full responsibility of any accidents and/or injuries the equipment or other children may cause.Parents and/or guardians are responsible for watching their kids at all times.
  • Babies who are crawling and using the equipment will be charged, please call if questions.

Size Chard

Kids from 0 to 20" have to be in Playland
Kids from 20" to 35" have to be in Playland
Kids 35" to 45" They can enter playland and NinjAdventure Zone with adult supervision at all times
Kids 45" up have to be in the NinjAdventure Zone only